Feline Spay/Neuter
$65 Male or Female ($5 of this fee is a refundable deposit for Capstar)
Other Services Available at the Time of Surgery
$15 Rabies Vaccine (REQUIRED by Maine State Law)
$15 FVRCP (“Distemper”) Vaccine (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all cats)
$30 FeLV/FIV test (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all outdoor cats or cats who are exposed to outdoor cats)
$15 FeLV vaccine (requires negative FeLV test result)
$15-$30 Deworming
$15 Revolution (treats for fleas and ear mites)
$15 Fecal Exam (the CDC recommends all cats have a fecal exam at least once per year)
$20 Microchip (includes FREE lifetime registry with the Found Animals Registry)
$5 Nail trim
Additional Charges May Include
$20-$70 Cryptorchid (undescended testicle) male surcharge – depending on difficulty
$30 Umbilical hernia repair (all reducible umbilical hernias will be repaired at the time of surgery)
$30-$75 Pregnancy
Stray/Feral/Barn Cats
$45 Includes spay or neuter with rabies vaccination, pain medication and ear tip. This pricing is ONLY available for stray, feral, and barn cats. If a cat is considered a pet, it does not qualify for Feral Cat pricing. If you live in Sagadahoc or Lincoln counties, you may qualify for FREE surgery+rabies for stray/feral/barn cats, as well as free trapping and transportation. Call for more info.

Note: Prices and fees are subject to change without notice.