In 2016, Community Spay-Neuter Clinic received two grants from PetSmart Charities that allowed the Clinic to do an even better job of reducing unwanted litters in Maine. The Clinic began work to launch its P.A.T. (People and Animals Together) Program that is funded by PetSmart Charities' Community Pets Program.

The Clinic had also partnered with the Humane Society of Waterville Area, which is networked in the community and contributed valuable focus on helping people keep their animals by promoting wellness and affordable spay-neuter. This grant targeted specific census tracts in Waterville Maine that stand out in Maine for low income and low access to basic services.

Community Spay-Neuter Clinic began offering 500 free sterilizations for dogs and cats from these neighborhoods (see area of map in yellow outline) over a 12 month period, as well as free rabies and distemper vaccination, and flea and parasite treatment.